09 September 2005


It seems that Spielberg's new movie will not be terrorist-approved:
The Palestinian mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympics raid, in which 11 Israeli athletes died, said director Steven Spielberg should have consulted him about a new film on the episode to be sure to get the story right.

...of course he should have.

Of course, early reports suggest that the film skews against the Mossad hit team who hunted down the terrorists. So with any luck, Munich will be the only film of 2005 to piss off both sides of the political spectrum. Which presumably means it's fair and accurate.

I'll be honest, it's a film I'm interested in seeing solely because of the director. But as we all know, I would see a Spielberg-directed adaptation of the Boise phone book, so I shouldn't speak on such matters.

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Pat "Souljacker" King said...

Let's also bear in mind it's being written by Tony Kushner, who is (let us not mince words here) insane. In that good, "Is he writing a whole play saying Ronald Reagan is Adolph Hitler?" kinda way. This makes me very excited indeed.