23 March 2006


Everyone everywhere has spent the last 36 hours talking about Ben Domenech, and his brand spankin' new blog at WashingtonPost.com, and in the interest of not coming late to the party (plus, my general desire in life to avoid reading things that will make me angry), I had avoided reading any of The Second Virgin Ben's prose. Until this afternoon.

Oh. Migod.

In just seven posts, Domenech has leaped into the pantheon of laziest thinkers I have ever encountered. Now, I know that I'm not anyone's idea of a great political theorist, but let's be honest - this space is about 20% liberal grousing and about 75% yammering about movies (the remaining 5% is reserved for any future fisking of Liberality for All, should a second issue ever receive publication). I know my limitations. But this dude...you know, I even feel sorry for him. He is clearly out of his league. To be honest, I don't even want to pick on him - enough people have done that. I just want to see him taken out behind the woodshed before he embarasses himself further than he has by:

-completely misunderstanding the Berkeley study correlating childhood whininess with adult conservativism;

-lionizing Red Dawn as one of the great conservative films;

-sarcastically thanking the left for reading his blog;

-today, writing about the plight of black Republicans (with his great example a man who voted Bush in 2004 apparently because Bush is clincally insane).

Now, would you trust this man to tell you about the plight of minorities?

I thought not.

Personally, the worst part of this for me is that this little turd was homeschooled. Sweet Jesus, why was every single rightwing twentysomething douche with a column homeschooled? I'm going to have to start lying about my past before too long.

On behalf of homeschooled left-wing atheists everywhere, I apologise for my socially-stunted wingnut bretheren.


Dave said...

Jeepers. He looks like a cross between Tom Delay and a marmot.

Ellen said...

The post's media critic notes the brouhaha over this guy. And thus the circle (jerk) of journalism continues.

Pat "Souljacker" King said...

Woo hoo! Linkage:


Ellen said...

Yep, he quit. Even Michelle Malkin turned on him, and she's about as wingnutty as they get.