13 July 2007


I'm out of town, but here's a sneak preview of the reviews I hope to start springing on you come Sunday:

-Rescue Dawn: "Hey, that was directed by who, now? For serious? Naw, you're totally bagging me...really? He did? Sheeyit."

-A Nightmare on Elm Street: "ZOMG, a slasher movie that doesn't rot your brain? IT'S PERECT!

-Hairspray 1988: "Dammit, Netflix, you ruined my perfect scheme by not getting me this disc on time!"

Meanwhile, I have some new Film Threat reviews:

The Lucky Girl - How often can you honestly claim that the framework story is more interesting than the actual plot? You can here!

"A Very Sunny Morning" - A little weird, but kind of the good weird, you know? But maybe a bit padded. Pretty awesome to be padded when you're less than 15 minutes long.

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