01 December 2009


I refuse to stop being totally excited for Avatar, no matter how dodgy the trailers keep making it look to be. The reason for this is my complete and utter faith in the talents of James Cameron, noted director of some of the most crackling entertainments of the last 25 years of cinema.

To celebrate the release of his first narrative feature in an unthinkable 12 years, I have thrown myself to the task of yet another retrospective, which I hope shall start up today. Some of you are no doubt shaking your heads, recalling the still-active and very, very draining Disneython; others might ask, "And don't you think you should finish up that Pakula retrospective you've been working on for three months, eh?" To which I can make no response, as I am far too busy having hot, sweaty sex with your mother.


MH said...


Stephen said...

I think this officially makes you a crazy person.

I saw a poster for Avatar that lowered my already-low expectations even further (because as you say, the trailers are simply awful). It was advertising it as "by the director of Titanic."

Tim said...

Hah! Love it!

Aye-K said...

Yeah, I saw that piece of....trailer.
The trailers make the movie look horrible, I think it could be the biggest flop of the 21st Century.
No doubt it will take the box office, but it cost like 500M, which means that if it makes 1.5B, it will be considered 'profitable'.

My guess is it will make 200M at the box office.
Its crazy that if that happens, it will be considered a 'flop', ain't it?

Oliver said...


Way to steal my thunder.