01 June 2012


I'm going to apologise in advance hopefully unnecessarily: I'm leaving this morning for a wedding in New York, and turning it into a week's vacation. And while I spent all this last week writing reviews to make the next seven days drift by without the slightest interruption in quantity (though, given the speed with which I cranked some of them out, I will make no promises about their quality), I'm relying on Blogger's publishing-scheduling feature, which has bit me on the ass before. My understanding is that the internet is available in New York, so I should be able to check in to make sure that things are moving smoothly - though I don't suppose I'll be responding to comments at all, for which I also apologise - but in case things aren't smooth, and a day or two or three goes by in complete silence, please don't assume I'm dead and stop visiting.

1 comment:

Too-Tickii said...

is this a sign mayhaps of an earlier than anticipated moonrise kingdom review?

that aside, have a lovely time tim.